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Feb 17, 2024


Mettler-Toledo’s new X2 series of x-ray systems will be on exhibit for the first time at PACK EXPO Las Vegas (Courtesy of Mettler-Toledo). Mettler-Toledo Product Inspection Group will present a

Mettler-Toledo’s new X2 series of x-ray systems will be on exhibit for the first time at PACK EXPO Las Vegas (Courtesy of Mettler-Toledo).

Mettler-Toledo Product Inspection Group will present a variety of inspection systems in booth #C-1814 at Pack Expo Las Vegas, being held at the Las Vegas Convention Center, September 11 – 13, 2023. Two new x-ray inspection systems – the X12 and the X32 – as well as the latest ProdX software will be on exhibit for the first time alongside other Mettler-Toledo x-ray systems, metal detectors, checkweighers, vision systems and Track & Trace solutions for bulk and packaged food and pharmaceutical products.

“Today, more than ever, processors and packers are trying to do more with less. While there’s always been a focus on improving line efficiency, staffing shortages have exploded in the post-pandemic era, driving forward the need for tech that can reduce labor demands,” said Robert Rogers, Senior Adviser of Food Safety and Regulations at Mettler-Toledo. “Automation like our product setup, testing, validation and data collection capabilities have reduced the need for human intervention. And by making our equipment easier to use, we help new operators come up to speed quickly. Plus, our 24/7 phone support and extensive network of skilled technicians ensures that we’re available to assist customers that may no longer have the needed expertise in house.”

Suitable for small- to medium-sized packaged foods and pharmaceuticals, the X12 and X32 detect hard-to-find physical contaminants such as glass, stone and bone while offering an intuitive user-interface and easy access for cleaning and maintenance. The X32 is available with a single- or multi-lane configuration and a wide variety of product integrity checks to improve overall product quality.

Mettler-Toledo will also be presenting its latest update, Version 2.6, for its ProdX software, which is compatible with virtually all Mettler-Toledo inspection systems. Introducing an optimized web dashboard, automated reporting capabilities and more, ProdX 2.6 enables processors to monitor their inspection equipment remotely and easily collect, save, search and share data to protect food safety, comply with regulatory requirements and improve process efficiencies.

Two of Mettler-Toledo’s popular ‘combination’ systems will be on exhibit at the Pack Expo Las Vegas show. The CX35 combines checkweighing and x-ray inspection to achieve precise weighing, foreign material detection and quality control functions on a single unit. The CV35 combines checkweighing with label inspection.

A C35 AdvancedLine checkweigher and X34C x-ray system will be demonstrated on a continuous loop in Mettler-Toledo’s booth. Equipped with sophisticated FlashCell™ EMFR technology, the C35 offers precision weighing at speeds up to 800 packs per minute. The X34C inspects small, individually-wrapped foods or pharmaceuticals at high speeds in a compact footprint.

Also on display will be two M-30R Series metal detectors – the M31R and M34R – with upgraded SENSE™ software, which features advanced algorithms to deliver increased detection sensitivity with minimal false rejects.

Mettler-Toledo will exhibit their Gravity Fall metal detector for free-falling products, equipped with ATS (Automatic Test System). ATS can shorten the time required to complete performance monitoring tests by up to 90 percent, reducing downtime and increasing productivity, while ensuring tests are completed consistently every time.

To help pharmaceutical manufacturers and contract packers meet regulatory requirements such as the upcoming Drug Supply Chain Security Act, Mettler-Toledo is showcasing a variety of pharma-specific systems at the show including the T2620 mark and verify system, T16 aggregation system, Starweigh™ checkweigher and Tablex Pro metal detector.

Other systems on exhibit include Mettler Toledo’s Profile GC, Profile Advantage GC and pipeline metal detectors; their CM9400, C35 WD and C31 checkweighers; their X36 multi-lane and X36 DXD x-ray inspection systems; and their V31, V35, V15 and V57 vision systems.

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